Monday 9 November 2020

Baby Annabell *Lunchtime Annabell Review*

{Gifted Item} My daughter just adores playing with dolls and babies. She is so mothering and caring, I love watching her playing it fills me with such joy and as she gets a bit older her interaction with her dolls is just lovely, there are tea parties, sleepovers and lots of fun with her dolls. There  are a huge variety of dolls and babies on the market these days but one of Elarna's favourites' has to be the Baby Annabell range. We were recently sent one of the new baby dolls in the range, the lunchtime Annabell. Elarna was delighted with her when she arrived, on first impressions this particular doll comes with a lovely amount of accessories and she's so sweet!

Lunchtime Baby Annabell is very interactive, she eats and magically poops! She has sleeping eyes and she's very cuddly. She is able to open her mouth when she is being fed and makes lots of happy noises, so cute! Ocassionally with these type of toys I have to admit I'm a bit sceptical if they will actually 'work'  but I was pleasantly surprised with her, she is a great doll!

What do you get?

With this Annabell you receive : 
1 x Baby Annabell and outfit
1 x Cute sheep plate and spoon
1 x bottle
1 x storage pot and a selection of food chips
1 x potty 

Using the food chips (little food stickers with a variety of foods are provided to stick on to the colourful chips) that come with the doll baby Annabell can be fed byt the child. Simply put a chip in the spoon and move it close towards her mouth, she will open her mouth ready to be fed just like a real baby! Once she has taken the food chip she closes her mouth and makes lots of little happy sounds, the food chips then end up in these little compartments within the doll which enable her to poop them out onto the potty included by simply sitting her on it and gently squeezing her tummy. She will also drink from the bottle and make more realistic sound effects. 

What did we love about Lunchtime Annabell?

- This particular Annabell really is fantastic and comes with so many added extras.

- I really liked the interactive nature of the doll. The way you can feed her and then she poops out the food is great. Elarna just loved this aspect of it and thought the popping out of the food chips was hilarious!

- The baby makes lots of cute little sounds, it really encourages the child to care and nurture the baby which is a big positive. 

- The outfit she comes in is really lovely, it is child friendly also so easy to take on and off and redress in another outfit.

- She's so clever, the way she opens her mouth for her food and makes little pleased noises is just so sweet. 

Overall she is a fantastic toy and would highly recommend. If you have a child that loves to role play, use their imagination and demonstrates a willingness to look after and care for things this baby Annabell is just perfecct for this.

Lunchtime Baby Annabell is available from leading retailers with an RRP of £49.99, she is going to be on many Christmas lists this year I think and what a wonderful gift she would make. Head on over and check her out and let me know what you think.

* Please note we were kindly sent the item free of charge in exchange for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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