Friday 21 September 2018

Mix Up Clay - *Review*

Mix up clay is a revelation I tell you.....a revelation! I am one of those Mums that struggles with loads of messy play and activities, anything that involves paint, small tiny bits, beads....anything that is going to create carnage! I love to get the kids involved in crafty and messy play but stress hugely about the clean up after.....when I was sent some mix up clay I admit I had some reservations....

I needn't have worried...... mix up clay rocks!

Included in the pack is a decent amount of the clay and some coloured tints. It's super simple to use, simply tear off a chunk of the clay, add some of the tint which is included in the kit, add more to intensify the colour and then you're good to go. Roll it, squash it, model it and create with it. Hours of fun!

It takes seconds to prepare and can provide a decent amount of playing time, Elarna absolutely loved it. It's stretchy, soft and even bounces. It feels kind of soft and cloud like, I even found it therapeutic to have a play with!

You can use the tints provided to make solid colours or marble through the clay, you can even mix the tints up to make even more playing options. As the clay is air drying it is important to put any unused clay back into the zip lock bag to ensure it doesn't dry out, if you want to save your creations leave out for 6 hours to set. You could even add some glitter to it for another dimension!

The absolute best part of mix up clay is there is next to no mess. Other than the extra things that we got out to use with it such as a rolling pin, brush and shape cutters the clay itself creates no mess at all. It's not sticky and leaves no residue when played with, it's great. Often with these things I am sceptical expecting it not to live up to the promise but mix up clay really is what is says it is.

Retailing for around £5.00 a pack from reputable retailers this would be a fantastic little pocket money present or stocking filler for dare I say it....Christmas!

What do you guys think if mix up clay? Would you try it?

* Please note we were kindly sent a pack of mix up clay free of charge to try out, all thoughts are my own.

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