Friday 30 January 2015



Our word of the week is quite simply 'no'. Probably THE most used word as a Mummy but also I would say the most over used word by my darling son and possibly in our household! If I had £1.00 or even just 50p for every time I used the word 'no' throughout the day I would without a doubt be a billionaire. 

When I spend time with Alfie I do try to make our days varied whether it be watching a film together, baking a cake or doing some arts and craft but sometimes trying to convince him to participate resounds in a very stubborn 'no or no mummy'.

The general conversation  between myself and Alfie goes a little something like this:

Mummy: 'Alfie can you pick up your toys please?'

Alfie: 'No'

Mummy: 'That wasn't really an option, pick up your toys'

Alfie: 'No Mummy!!!'

Mummy: *sigh* 'Alfie will you help Mummy pick up your toys?'

Alfie: 'No Mummy, go away Mummy!!'

I sometimes get bored hearing myself say the word 'no', not only is it one of the most annoying words to hear yourself say, it gets even more annoying and frustrating when clearly the toddler has picked up this particular word from you and knows just how to use it to his advantage and over and over and over again!

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  1. That two letter word of defiance, I remember when my niece was like this it was soon replaced with the word Why?


    1. Haha, I am waiting for that day to come I don't think we'll be waiting long! x

  2. Oh yes, toddlers know this word well! Just keep reminding yourself it's a phase, it will pass, and you'll get through it! Thanks for joining in and sharing with #WotW x

  3. haha I guess we all have the same problem with "no" but it is essential as we get to use it too :-)

  4. Wow! I would be so excited about that one! My older brother lives in Thailand, and hopefully when mine reach a phase of 'well behaved' we might be lucky enough to visit him. I hope you have a wonderful time. #WotW

  5. Ahh! I think every parent at some time has the same problem with the word No. hehehe

  6. Aww that word. We have moved on from no to some different excuses now. As my son grew older he learned so many new words in addition to no. 'Not yet mummy I am doing something', 'Mum I am busy I will do it later'



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