Wednesday 16 April 2014

Bargain Beds

I love being in bed. Come 9:30pm......sometimes even 9:00pm if I'm being completely honest I quite happily retreat to the bedroom, curl up under the duvet, switch the TV on or read a book. B.A (before Alfie) I used to really enjoy my sleep and lie ins, there was something ridiculously indulgent and lazy about staying in bed past 10am and maybe rolling out around 11:30 to start the day, I now cherish the sleep I do get and although Alfie sleeps brilliantly I probably average about 5-6 hours a night now but my body has got used to it so it's not all bad.  

What would make my sleep and bed times even better would be if we had a new bed! The bed we have at the moment is about 8 years old, it's just a standard wooden slatted bed with faux leather cushions, it's been a great bed other than the fact that you quite often crack your shins on the wooden rim around the edge (stupid design) and the slats that have been broken once by me and once by Adi.......I know what you're probably thinking but it definitely didn't happen because of that (you filthy lot!) the slats broke when myself and then hubby decided to take a shortcut over to the other side of the bed by jumping over and obviously slatted beds just aren't designed to have unnecessary force subjected on them! So now we are left with a bed that slightly slopes on one side and makes the most annoying creaking noise when slight movement is detected, this became even worse when I was pregnant and was literally like the Titanic manoeuvring in bed! 

Anyway as per usual I digress. So we need a new bed and I happened to stumble across this great website called Bed Sale Online that sells some really nice beds but for a bargain price.  The problem that we have with our main room is it's not a huge room so we need to be quite clever when it comes to storage.  Ideally I would like a bed with drawers underneath that are easily accessible something like Deluxe Denby Faux Leather Divan Base would be perfect, this would allow us to use underneath the bed for accessible storage but also looks stylish and for £263.00 I think it's a great price.

I also like the Limelight Sedna Wooden frame, this one has a really deep space underneath so would be perfect for getting some clear under bed storage boxes underneath, this one retails at £179.00!

Decision, decisions! I just need to decide what colour and style we want to go for but I wouldn't hesitate to use an online site for a cheap bed!

Has anyone ever used an online site to purchase a bed before?

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  1. It's look so amazing! I also love to be in bed! Especially if I had a weekend with my family, like a lazy day, watching movies and staying home. It's so


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