Wednesday 17 April 2013

Batiste vs. Cussons - The Dry Shampoo Showdown!

I've never really been a fan of dry shampoos until I became a Mummy. In the last few months I have been looking for some quick beauty fixes, especially now I am back on placement and need to be out of the house quickly on a morning.

I compared the classic Batiste against the recently launched Cussons 'Mum & Me' range. 

I always used to think dry shampoo was for little old ladies but since they've repackaged and added new scents it's clear they are marketing Bastiste more towards the younger buyer. I have to say the Batiste range has really become market leaders in the last few years and they have a great variety to choose from. 

The Cussons range was recently launched and obviously appealed to me but when I've looked at the range in the past I've thought some of the items were pretty overpriced, otherwise the range looks very professional and modern.

I'll start with Batiste:

1. First Impressions: Great packaging and lots of different scents and bright packaging to choose from.

2. Scent: I chose the exotic scent, it smells like coconut and limes, it's delicious. 

3. Application: A few sprays into the roots, a quick massage in and then brush. I hate the feeling when you massage it in but ultimately I think it gives a great refreshed feeling.

4. Overall: A great quick fix to see my hair through an extra day and it smells lush. Click on Batiste for more information!

Batiste is widely available and the RRP for £2.99 for 200ml.

Next is the Mum & Me range: 

1. First Impressions: Looks sleek and modern and is very appealing to Mum's who need a quick hair fix, the packaging states that it contains rice starch which is what absorbs the grease, I like the fact the packaging is telling you how it works, where as Batiste doesn't.

2. Scent:  I like the scent, I can't quite put my finger on it what it smells like but it's really fresh and quite zingy.

3. Application: I used the same application as with Batiste but I thought the Cussons spray felt lighter on application, but both offered comparable results. 

4. Overall:  A great product with good results, I like how light it feels on application and the fresh smell is nice. Click on Cussons for more information!

The Mum & Me range is also widely available and the RRP for Skip a Wash is £1.60 for 150ml.

In conclusion, I think both of the products are comparable, I felt they both offered similar results but personally I felt the Batiste scent lasted longer and my hair still felt fresh at the end of the day. Dry shampoo is perfect for anybody who needs a quick hair fix and freshen up,

A Mummy must have, be gone greasy locks!!

Helen X

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