Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Office Trends 2018.

The Top 4 Office Design Trends Right Now
Thinking about updating your workplace? We take a look at the most popular trends in office design.  


The design of your office can significantly boost performance, provided you achieve a space that really appeals to your workforce. It’s all about making the right changes and creating an environment that makes your employees feel like they actually want to go to work. After all, you and your colleagues spend a whole lot of time working each day, year-in and year-out. Your goal should be to go beyond traditional concepts to become a workplace of tomorrow that encourages collaboration, efficiency and productivity.
Now that we’re well into 2018, we’ve witnessed some exciting and innovative changes in the world of office design, from dynamic group spaces and private stations to flexible layouts and home-inspired setups. If you’re considering a design overhaul, read on to discover the current top 4 office design trends.
Flexible & Innovative Group Spaces
More and more companies are opting for flexible work areas that enable employees to choose where or how they wish to work. This office set-up allows social interactions with colleagues, where people can move freely without being confined to a specific area of the office. With a flexible and adaptable layout like this, you’ll create a positive environment that essentially allows each member of your team to suit themselves. It’s a wonderful combination of open spaces, with just a few workstations where individuals can work alone and still feel part of the team.
Unconventional Open Areas
Do you work exclusively (or mostly) with millennials? Perhaps you’re trying to attract young talent. Either way, it would be wise to consider an unorthodox work area design. The reason for this is that the millennial generation prefers inviting open work environments where they can be more free, inspired and creative. Think vibrant and fun, rather than bland and formal. Offices around the globe have started to work with design experts to give their younger employees an area that appeals to them, whether it be for work or some downtime to unwind.  
Partly-Enclosed Private StationsC:\Users\Gayle\Pictures\PartlyEnclosed.jpg
Dynamic office layouts are hotter than ever, especially those that allow workers to collaborate with ease. But what about those no-distraction tasks? Private stations like these are perfect for individual work and helping employees who require a little peace and quiet to get their tasks done. Of course, not all job functions need undivided attention but for those that do, a partly-enclosed station is ideal. They’re not only private but, unlike classic cubicles, flexible and contemporary. By being suitable for more than one person, these partly-enclosed stations work well as one-on-one meeting areas as well.     
Home Sweet Home Design
Gone are the days when offices are viewed as dull spaces that nobody wants to spend time in. Now, we’re seeing environments that actually feel a little bit like home because they are more practical and comfortable than ever before. When you make an office feel more homelike, your employees are more likely to work longer than their contract states. The Home Sweet Home Design can include all sorts of things that your workers find useful or appealing, such as:
  • a pool table
  • showers
  • bar
  • candy station
  • fully fitted kitchen
  • TV room
Millennials love this type of office design because they get to work in a trendy environment and can chill out with their colleagues when taking a break and even after hours. By choosing an exciting design that includes things you’d rarely see in an office, your workers will also feel as though you genuinely care about them and their happiness levels.
Want to adopt one of the latest office design trends? Be sure to get in touch with our talented team. Here at Office Principles, we specialise in office space planning, as well workplace interior design and fit out – so don’t be shy. Get expert advice on your next project today.   

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