Saturday, 22 April 2017

Let the Light in!!

I love being able to see the outside while sitting inside.  To be able to enjoy our garden or other views that are meant to be enjoyed is good for the heart and soul. On a balmy, warm Summers night imagine being able to fold back the door, let the air in and enjoy the evening while being comfortable sitting on the sofa. Imagine entertaining and being able to make the most of space using these handy bi-folding doors allowing people to slip in and out at their own choice. 

anthracite grey bifold door

I absolutely love them, I think these would work really well in our conservatory rather than the double doors we currently have. Not only do they look fab but they are super easy to operate, they are strong and durable and look great. You can opt for either the internal bi-fold doors (i.e to separate a conservatory from the house) or the external bi-fold doors  (to open up the outside space into the inside space) depending on your requirements.  

Grey Bi-fold door

When it is a hot day I love to keep the doors open into the garden, it encourages us all to go outside and enjoy the day but also the children love to be able to come and go into the garden as they please. I'm a strong believer in letting them go out in any weather if they want and feel it's important they get fresh air daily so these doors would enable them to do just that. 

The folk over at Folding Doors 2 U with their modern aluminium bi-fold doors are very much on hand to discuss and provide lots of useful information. There is tons of information on their website should you wish for a little more information and advise. There are also lots of pictures and images of their doors so you can get a real insight as to what the finished article looks like.

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